...welcome to my ramblings...


Self absorbed or searching?

     In today's world are we all just a little too self absorbed?  Do we really think that anyone actually cares and wants to read a play by play list of our daily activities?  With Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and all of the other "networking" sites making such a daily impact on mainstream life, does this tell us that as a whole, we are just eager to connect to others?  I'm not exactly sure what it all means.  Do we really read every entry that our so called "friends" write or do we just enjoy putting our own interesting (or not) thoughts out there in the mysterious beyond?
     This brings up another question...why do people blog?  Some people who blog actually have hundreds, thousands, even millions of followers - and maybe they write for a whole different reason than me.  Why do I write?  I don't even know if anyone reads any of my blog entrys.  But the truth, I like to write.  I like the idea of just getting my thoughts on paper, or in this instance, into the blogosphere.  Whether or not another person is reading them doesn't matter.  I am not looking for validation or searching for some great debate partners.  I really just want to write.  Maybe one day I'll write something that I want to share with others, but for now, it's just dribble for the joy of writing.
     Back to the other question...do we really live in a more self absorbed society than that of previous generations?  I don't think so; we've been self absorbed since the beginning of time.  I really think everyone just wants to connect with people.  That is at our core as humans; to connect.  Whether we do it face to face, on the phone or on Twitter, connection is what we all desire.  Trying to make a connection on Twitter may be difficult and probably a little bit egocentric, but it is still a way to attempt to connect to someone else.  So are we self absorbed or searching...I say a little of both.  


...Absolutely Thankful...

I am thankful for my affectionate husband.
I am thankful for my adorable son.
I am thankful for my altruistic parents.
I am thankful for my adoring God.
I am thankful for my auspicious life.


New things...

     I'm always a little apprehensive when it comes to trying new things.  I don't usually show my anxiety to the outside world, but inside I am totally nervous and, I admit it, a little worried about what others might think. But I don't let that stop me from doing something I want to do.  In fact, the wonder of what others might think may be a part of what pushes me to actually do something new and different.
     Last night I tried something new and completely different than anything I've ever done.  I took a new type of work out class.  I wasn't with a friend or relative; I went all by myself.  It was something that some may view as inappropriate.  Some may look at me a little different for even attempting this new type of art form.  But I don't care.  I had fun.  On the way home I could even feel my abs!  They had definitely had a workout!
     This morning I woke up sore from my new work out.  If you are one to work out, you know when you wake up sore from a work out, it's sort of a good feeling.  You feel good knowing that what you did actually made some sort of positive impact on your body.  That's what I felt this morning when I woke up sore.  I was so happy that I had worked out my body and had fun while doing it.
     I think I am going to continue this new work out.  I'll be signing up for a six week course.  Hopefully my body won't kill me for it.  Trying new things is good. 


Another birthday post...a few years later...

     So yesterday was my birthday.  I remember being younger and waking up with so much excitement on my birthday, because I was another year older!  Now on my birthday, I'd rather just keep sleeping when I wake up.  Not that I'm afraid of getting older, but because I just really enjoy sleeping.  Also, I don't really find that much excitement in the fact that I am another year older. 
     Birthdays are now just another day.  I have a wonderful husband who tries to make the day special.  Yesterday we had a great day spending time together during the afternoon, before he had to go to work.  It was a fabulous day.  But it could have just as well been something we did on an afternoon in June.  What I mean by that is, there is no reason why the time we spent together was just for my birthday.  We love each other & we love spending time together, so yesterday was just another day of us loving spending time together.  He did get me some great gifts...but he actually gives me great gifts all the time.  I'm lucky that way.
     Anyway, what I think I'm trying to say is that now that I am 31, my birthday really just seems like another day.  Actually, it made me sort of reflect on age in general.  I started thinking about my age and my friends ages.  I thought about how in a couple of years, I will have friends who are 50 or close to 50.  That is strange to think about.  I still remember when my grandma was only 55 - and I thought that was old.  I started thinking about my parents age.  I think about how old my parents are & how they were both younger than me when they had me.  Nick brought up another thought, what must my parents feel like to have their youngest child turn 31.  I hadn't even thought about how my age made anyone else feel.  I asked my dad about it; he said he & my mom had talked about it that morning.  They had talked about how their baby was 31, and about how old that made them feel.  That made me start thinking more.  I started thinking about how I will feel when my son, Aaron is an adult. 
   It's crazy how much thinking and reflection my 31st birthday has spawned.  Maybe that's it.  Maybe once you reach a certain age, 31 for me, birthdays are meant for reflection and deep thought.  Maybe as an adult, birthdays are there as a reminder of who you once were, a statement of who you are now and a glimpse of who you are going to become.  A day to celebrate that God has allowed you to live another year and a day to meditate on who God wants you to become.