...welcome to my ramblings...


New job!

So I had three interviews this week. They were all at elementary schools in Torrance. They were all for the same position - Instructional Aide, Computer Lab Assistant....one was yesterday & two were today. Well, Nick & I just got home from dinner & the one that I liked the best called & left a message on the machine! The principal offered me the job! She said she almost hired me on the spot, but figured she should at least call one reference. Wow! What an answer to prayer! I'm so excited to start working at a school...to be working toward my goal of being a teacher...and it is in the district I want to some day teach in! Praise God! I'll be working at Riviera Elementary School. I can't wait!!! :)


Strange bird...

Check out this poor bird...he has no feet. He only has little nubs. He kind of has 2 peg legs...so he's a pirate bird! I wonder what happened to him? Maybe a shark ate his feet. Or maybe he wasn't born with any feet. Poor bird.