...welcome to my ramblings...


Someone asked me what I thought about this Starbucks thing...

Honestly, I still can't believe this is a thing. If you would've told me last week, "Hey Steph, by this time next week, there will be a massive group of Christians outraged over the design of a Starbucks cup. They are boycotting Starbucks, claiming Starbucks is waging a war against Christmas." I would not have believed you.

Seriously, when did we get to this place in our Christian faith, where we believe it's our job to constantly be on the defensive? It's my belief that we are to walk side by side everyone, not just fellow Christians, but everyone, and we are to lift them up by loving them, encouraging them, listening to them, engaging with them, sharing joy with them, being there for them in times of sorrow - you know, basically being as much like Christ as humanly possible. Not to constantly battle anyone who may have a slightly different approach to something - even something as simple as a coffee cup design.

Getting back to the coffee cup - to claim that Starbucks is somehow taking Christ out of Christmas is ridiculous. Has Starbucks ever had an image of the manger scene on it's cup? Or even an image of a host of angels singing a proclamation of Jesus birth? Or maybe they've had an image of a star being followed by a group of shepherds? Did I miss it when they had an image of a pregnant Mary riding a donkey? NO! No they've never had any images on their cup refering to the birth of our Savior...which is why Christians celebrate Christmas. Right? In all honesty, this cup is probably the one most reminiscent of Christ. It's red, blood red. Remember how Jesus died on the cross? Remember the blood he shed? Maybe the real problem here is that most Christians have taken Christ out of Christmas. Maybe instead of calling out Starbucks, we need to look inside ourselves and see who we worship. (Talking to myself here, too.)

There's also a group who have chose not to boycott Starbucks, but rather are choosing to lie to the baristas when they tell them their name. I'm guessing this group can't boycott Starbucks, because they have a strong addiction to their Venti Caramel Macchiato. So they believe they are somehow sticking it to Starbucks by still going in to order their favorite beverage, still paying the high coffee prices and raising Starbucks profits, but they are becoming the baristas favorite customers (she said sarcastically), by telling them their name is "Merry Christmas". Some are asking the baristas to draw a Christmas picture on their cups. Really?! Is it not enough for these customers that the baristas are making sure to give them their extra pump, no foam, non fat, soy, extra hot beverage?!

I just cannot believe this is actually a thing.

If you have a problem with a certain company, that's fine, don't give them your business. But when you are a Christian and you make false claims and spread them around so others will do the same as you, what kind of name are you making for Christianity? That name is already tainted enough. Must we continue to make it worse?

Ok...rant done.