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Don't you wonder what little Fiona is looking at? I think she's actually looking at herself in the mirror. Already a little prima donna & she isn't even 2!! :)

She is just too cute!


- KEEP ON POPE'IN! - I'm not Catholic...but this is a pretty big deal, so I thought I'd post it!


I am sitting here at work, just in my own world. I am not here, really. My mind is thinking about so many other things that I could be doing that I would enjoy so much more. On my lunch break I went by my church and started to put together a new baby thing for the baby nursery. It is a bouncer…I bought it on Saturday, but I didn’t have time to put it together before Sunday. So I want to put it together sometime today. I think I’ll go back tonight to finish it. I also wish I could be at home cleaning house & finishing laundry – which is sort of crazy…who wants to be at home cleaning & doing laundry? It really sounds strange, but I would rather be there then here! Once I finish cleaning house, maybe I could finally sit down and start scrapbooking my wedding. That would be fun! Oh yeah, and then there is the entrance exam that I need to complete for the online school I’m considering attending to obtain my teaching degree….so much to do and I am stuck here. I am so excited that I will only be working here until May 13; I am so excited to see what my future holds; I am so excited to move on; I am so excited to just completely trust in the Lord with all of my heart & leave everything up to Him; I am just so excited!!


Silly fun in the back of a van!



This was taken in Canada a long time ago...when were just in high school, dating & serving on a youth team with our church. We were in Canada helping out with a camp for little Native American kids...this was a weekend where we got to explore what was around Canada. I think this was at Lake Missinipi...or something like that.


Help people out...

Check this out...it seems like a good start to something!


Life may be coming together after all!

Ok...so I'm really frustrated with my current job at Compex. I've been thinking and praying a whole lot about a part-time job coming my way & about going back to school to get my teaching degree. I think everything is falling into place. I'm going through the enrollment process with an online school & everything looks great there. I also have two different job possibilities that will both be way better than sitting in a cubicle all day. Also, I am may be taking on a new leadership role at church as the Nursery Attendant for the infant nursery. I'm really trying to find a place where I can lead a ministry...and this one may fit perfectly! Please keep praying for me. Thanks!


I think I'm dying a slow death...

I've felt like crap for almost 2 weeks now! Every morning I feel like I'm going to cough to death!! It's crazy! Oh well...I'm sure I'll get better sometime soon! I need to go to the doctor, I think.


A new baby!

My friend Darla gave birth to her second baby today. A little girl named Rayna...I'm not too sure on the spelling yet or the middle name...I think it was going to be Jade. She's not so little...9lbs & 9 oz & 22 inches long! Her proud daddy, Chad called to let Nick & I know; unfortunately he had to leave a message so we didn't get to talk to him, so we couldn't ask details, but we'll call him sometime later. I'm so happy for them! They now have the perfect family...a little boy & a little girl. :) God really does do miraculous things!! At first they had some difficulties getting pregnant...when they got pregnant with Seth, he was the little miracle baby they had been trying & trying for...and then, to be able to be blessed with another baby - Rayna is truly another miracle! Praise God! I can't wait to be able to see pictures of her...I wish I could go visit, but who knows?

I also got a new camera! I have a regular film camera, but only Nick had a digital...& it's kind of old. Well, now I have my own digital. When Melissa - one of my good friends - was here visiting, she got a cool camera for her birthday. Well, it made me start looking into cameras & I found a cool deal online for one that looks a lot like hers...it may be the same...I'm not too sure? Anyway...I can't wait to try it out & start taking some pictures! Too bad I'm not too sure how to put pictures up on this page yet, but I'll figure it out.

I also got an application for this job that I'm thinking about. It's with a school district, working in the district office. I'm not too sure about it, but maybe? It's a pretty good paying, part-time job. I also applied to the online school I've been thinking about...I'm going to try to get my teaching degree & become an elementary teacher. I regret not going into that right after high school...but better late than never!

I know this is a lot, but I haven't posted in awhile!!! Also, I'm pretty excited about my day! But, the only thing that really sucks about this weekend is that we lose an hour, which means it's really not 11:15pm, it's 12:15pm...which means, I need to try to get to sleep so I can wake up & get to Sunday School on time, so the little kids I teach won't be hiding under the table when I finally get to class! Ok...well, until next time....