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Just a thought...

You never know when your time on this earth is over.  It can happen so fast. It's so cliché, but it's so true. The recent loss of a friend has reminded me of this. Living every day like it's your last is really something we all should be doing. Loving people is the most important part of that - it is the key to a happy life.

Felipe was a perfect example of how we all should be. Genuinely nice, loving, compassionate &  always helpful. No matter what social group you may have thought you belonged to, Felipe didn't care. In his eyes, there were only people who he loved.  That's it - not people he loved & people he sort of liked & people he wished would go away.  No, simply people he loved.

Felipe always had a smile. The first memory that comes to mind for most of us is his beautiful & infectious smile. Felipe smiled because of the love he had for every person that knew him. He always had a smile because he had it figured out - we are here on this earth to love people.  I don't know how he did it, but he made it look so effortless.

I know many of us are questioning why the Lord had to take him so early. I have no idea why the Lord has taken this husband, father & friend. But maybe, just maybe if we all live life a little more like Felipe - if we genuinely love all people a little bit more - his death will not be in vain.