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Happy Love Day!

So last night I had a great night! My husband & I don’t make too big of a deal of Valentine’s day…we love each other every day! But my birthday & his birthday are this month, so we can’t get too out of control on gifts. Anyway, when I got home, Nick was already cooking dinner – we had Veal & Risotto…it was yummy! We even had a little wine with our dinner. See we’ve got some wine in the fridge that we never drink, so last night when I went to grab the water out of the fridge, I thought since it was Valentine’s day, we’d drink wine. Anyway, we then had planned to go rent a movie…well, we got there and had no idea what we would rent, so we looked around for what seemed like an hour…it was probably only half an hour. Anyway, it was finally between Maid in Manhattan (which I’d already seen) and Shall We Dance (which neither of us have seen)…yes, a JLo night…we decided on Shall We Dance since neither of us had seen it. We went up to the counter & realized we didn’t have a membership, so I started to fill out the application & the guy behind the counter said they only had Shall We Dance on VHS….VHS!!! Who uses those anymore?! We have a VCR, but it’s not on the big T.V….so we then decided we’d just get Maid in Manhattan….but I didn’t really want to & Nick could tell…I continued filling out the application & when I got to the line that asked for your Social Security #, Nick said, “Why do they need that? That’s dumb. Let’s just go.” I quickly said, “Ok,”…because I didn’t really want that movie anyway! So we decided we’d just see what was on HBO/Cinemax/Showtime on Demand since those are free. We chose a movie & then we were going to get ready to make our milkshakes. Then we realized it was Monday….that means Las Vegas was on….and it was a new one….so there went the idea of a movie….we love our Las Vegas!!! Anyway, we made some yummy coffee vanilla chocolate chip milkshakes and then watched our favorite T.V. show together! It was nice. I had a wonderful time! We also just spent some quiet time together after our show…we just enjoyed each other. I love my husband!! Oh yeah, we did get gifts for each other…we didn’t really exchange them, we rather left them out for each other…when I got up, Nick was asleep & he had set my gift out for me when he got home from work at 5:00am…he got me a really pretty pin or broach that I wanted & a necklace I told him I liked – both from Banana Republic. I had set his gift out for him the night before, knowing he’d be home in the am…I got him the Rocky DVD collection along with a cute stuffed monkey…see he wants a real monkey, so the a stuffed one will just have to do. Anyway…I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day….regardless of if you are married or not. I also hope everyone remembers every day should be a love day…not just February 14th!


melissamae said...

sounds great! i love hanging out with my husband too.

Dad said...

Hello, this is from your dad, i love my little girl and wish you well in all you do .. So find a better job and get on with your life , , and enjoy being alive..

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