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20 Random Facts About Me...

1. I am a Christian.

2. I have been with my husband for 18 years, but I'm only 34. Yep, that means we were high school sweet hearts. In fact we've known each other since elementary school.

3. I had surgery on my eye at the age of 4.

4. I've worn glasses, or corrective lenses of some sort since I was 2.

5. My favorite show as a small child was Heart to Heart.

6. One of my many guilty pleasures, is watching most reality tv on MTV...including Jersey Shore & Teen Mom.

7. I do not like uncontrolled bodies of water. They are nice to look at, but I do not feel comfortable swimming in them.

8. I'm not that great of a swimmer.

9. I've always wanted to be a runner.

10. I would love to live in New York City one day...even if my husband & I are in our 70's when we move there.

11. I enjoy helping those who don't have the means to help themselves.

12. Some of my greatest experiences have been on mission trips to other countries.

13. I am a stay at home mommy & I love it.

14. I really wish I could get a mani/pedi & go to a tanning bed once every 2 weeks - seriously.

15. I wish I had a metabolism that was always on overdrive. If I were "too skinny" I would love it.

16. My 2 best friends live in 2 different states, far away from me. But they are still closer than any other friend I have - aside from my husband.

17. I still keep in touch with my BFF from Kinder - 12th grade. I am glad.

18. I realize you really do gain wisdom as you get older...I feel much wiser now than I did 5 years ago...I'm sure in 10 years I think I was an idiot today.

19. I love to co-sleep. There's something about having your whole family with you in your bed when you wake up. It just feels right. Ask me in 10 years what I think...

20. I have a tattoo that means mother in Sinhala - the spoken language of Sri Lanka. My children are 1/4 Sri Lankan. I'm pretty sure it will be my only tattoo...they hurt!!

(It was hard to think of 20 random facts about me.)

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