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Is it really that hard to be a grown up?

     If you've read a few of my blog posts, you probably know I am easily bothered by others.  I don't really let others get me down or really effect my daily life, however, I am often baffled by how others act.  I often question why people do the things they do.  Recently, I have been wondering why there are so many adults that still act like teenagers?  Now if you are a teenager, don't take offense to that last remark.  In fact, if you are reading this and you're a teenager, you are probably more mature than the adults I'm referring to.
     Why are there so many adults who enjoy getting involved in drama?  Why are there so many adults who help to create drama?  Why are there so many adults who don't try to diffuse drama among others, but instead they fuel it or even instigate it?  Are these adults aware of the ugly mess they are helping to create?  Are these adults stuck in jr. high? 
     I really just don't know how to handle people that claim to be an adult, or rather, their age says they are, but instead they act like a two-faced, drama-filled high school student.  (Again, if you are a high school student, you probably aren't two-faced or drama-filled, but I bet you know someone who is.)  Is it really that hard to be the adult?  Is it really that hard to act like a grown up?  Seriously, is it???


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is that hard! At the risk of not knowing if I'm one of "those people", I don't get it either. There are so many advantages to growing up. I think it's all related to Peter Pan the Musical,

I won't grow up.
----I wont grow up
I will never even try
----I will never even try
I will do what Peter tells me
----I will do what Peter tells me
And I'll never ask him why
----And I'll never ask him why


Stephanie said...

In my opinion, you are not one of "those people". Most people I was talking about think they act very grown up all the time & in fact they don't. Which may be most of the problem...the hypocrisy of it.