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She is so enraged. She is so disappointed. She is so sad. She is so empty.
Who does he think he is?
She is an adult! She is a mother!
He can't treat her like that; he can't treat her like he is her father - worse than a father!
She never disrepects him. She makes sure all of his needs are met; she makes sure he is always happy.
What about her? Who is going to make sure she is happy?
She always thought her husband would make her happy.
But what happens now?
He makes her feel worthless.
He makes her feel like a frightened child.
Is she going to just stand there and let him treat her that way?
She will cry tonight. She will dream of another place and time.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Tomorrow she will wake up again, as mommy, as sister and yes, as wife.
She will pretend like everything is wonderful.
But he will be there, in the morning.


melissamae said...

steph that is beautiful!! your writing is inspiring.

what... davidMac said...

welcome to blogging... I like your style. And its cool the way the site is organized