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So many words flood my mind. So much I can't explain. I don't understand how so many who love God just can't seem to get along?! Why does it have to be "us" & "them"? Why do we have to have all of the "answers"? We don't know the answers. The only answer we really know is God (and some don't even know that...let them learn in - don't force it)! That's it! Plain & simple. The arguing is just silly. It's just ridiculous. It really is just getting in the way of the main thing. We NEED to love one another - that's it! Why do so many play the "game"? Why?? Don't try to make your brother/sister feel guilty. Don't guilt people into making a choice. If you feel guilt, resolve it & then rejoice in it. Joy - that's what we need to shout about! That's what we should be singing about! Can we stop being mopey, guilt-ridden Christians - that's not what it's about!! I don't remember reading sadness & guilt as fruits of the Spirit. I don't recall pompous & arrogant as fruits either??!! Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control --where have they gone?? What is up with our Christianity of today? Seriously, we need to stop pointing fingers & telling others how wrong "they" are & how right "we" are - it's just ugly.
<**gets down off of soapbox**>

Sorry for the rant - I just had to get it out & then felt compelled to post it. Love you all! Thanks for reading!

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